You may be getting the error “successful liability shift for enrolled card is required” when trying to pay for something online. This is because you’re using a pre-paid debit or credit card. It sucks because you probably don’t want something showing up on your regular statements so you went the pre-paid route.

A few other reasons why this may have came up is

  • Incorrectly entered credit card details by you
  • Insufficient funds in your account
  • Incorrect address, zip code, or postal code details entered by you
  • Reaching your daily limit set on your account by OnlyFans
    • Please try again tomorrow, limits reset daily
  • A limit for internet transactions set by your bank or credit card provider. We are unable to provide further information if your banking institution is blocking your purchases.  You should inquire with the issuer of your card. 
  • If you have used a proxy or VPN to access OnlyFans, your bank may have an IP verification system that may restrict your purchases. You will need to contact your bank to see why your card was declined.

Hopefully, one of the solutions below work for you.

How to get around the “successful liability shift for enrolled card is required” error.

  • Many users find that either enabling or disabling a VPN works to fix this issue, depending on whether you have one in place or not.
  • Other users found that going into an incognito window enabled them to use their card to pay for goods.
  • Others found that deleting your card on file and resubmitting it worked for them.

If you find another solution to this problem, please post about it on our forum here.

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